Best Way to Reduce Your AC Bill on this Summer

By | May 22, 2019

Air Conditioners are full of heat. Everyone claims that their AC saves the most power, but the truth is that if your room is not fit to fully AC, then it is difficult to save power. Therefore, it is important to know what improvements in the room before applying AC (AC), so that more power saving and cooling can also be found. If some of these measures are adopted, then AC bills can be reduced by up to 20 percent.

These are easy ways to reduce the bills of AC, there will be a lot of benefit

Air conditioners, according to the size of the room.

Place the air conditioners according to the size of the room. If the AC capacity is higher, then its capacity will be lost and there will be less capacity, electricity will spend more and cooling will not do well.

Have fewer accessories in the room

The AC also cools the stuff that is in the room. That is, the smaller the stuff in the room, the better.

Focus on electric appliances in the room

There are many electric appliances that leave a lot of heat. So take a look at the electric appliances in the room. If you use LEDs for lighting also, it will be good.

How are you windows

If there are more windows in the room, then it will also affect the cooling. Therefore AC should be installed in rooms where the windows are low. If this is not possible then these windows must be insulated. This will reduce the sun’s heat in the room and the air conditioners will work well. This will also reduce the power consumption.

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How is sunlight in the room

In many homes, air conditioners are installed in rooms where the sunlight is straight. This leads to a lot of pressure on the AC Compressor. Whereby it consumes more power consumption. But the homes of homes can not be changed, but they can be improved. Heat proof paint can be done on these walls. This will reduce the sun’s heat in the room and reduce the electricity bill with good coolness.

Where to insert a window ac or split AC

Whether AC is a window ac or split AC, make sure that it does not have direct sunlight on it. If it does, then it will make a difference to the cooling. So whenever you find air conditioners, try to avoid it. If this is not possible, then make sure that they do not have sunshine. For this, the shed can be made on them. It is also possible to reduce the electricity bill by doing this.

Also remember when buying AC

In summer the temperature goes up to 50 degrees in many parts of the country. Many such air conditioners stop working in such a summer. The reason for this is that most AC works well between 43 to 48 degrees. But when the temperature goes above 48, it ceases to cool AC. Therefore, whenever buying AC, it must be able to see how much heat can work till it grows. Nowadays, there are many ACs coming up that can work up to 54 degrees. Therefore AC should be taken as such.

Electricity will save up to 20 percent

According to Sanjay Lazaras of City Air Conditioners, no matter how good air conditioners, but it works well only when it is properly installed. For this, necessary arrangements should be made in the room. It has two advantages; Electricity bill decreases by nearly 20 percent, while AC life is also increased. No matter how much heat is done], there is also good cooling in the room.

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